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Cooling and Straining Tank
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Used in commercial Laundromats.
The function of a cooling and straining tank is to slow the flow of warm/hot waste water,
thus allowing it to cool before flowing out to sewer.
The primary tank chamber has a removable basket that traps lint and hair.
 Above or Below Ground

Cooling and Straining Tank


  • Manufactured in Polypropylene materials.
  • Above-Ground tanks are supplied with removable access covers
  • Below-Ground tanks should be fitted with access covers (supplied separately) capable of being removed by one man
  • Inlet and outlet pipes are 100mm nb.
  • Tank dimensions and pipework positions are nominal and in all cases conform to Trade Waste recommendations
  • When space limitations dictate, equivalent capacity tanks can be manufactured to order
  • *Note: Above-ground tanks larger than 250 litres capacity have external bracing fitted. Allow 50mm all round


  • Cooling and straining tank.
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