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Petrol and Oil Interceptor
from Plastic tanks Australia.
Trade waste petrol and oil interceptors are required usually in automotive workshops such as a garage, carwash, & etc. and also referred to as a Triple Interceptor.
The triple interceptor tank design contains and slows the flow of waste to allow the grease, oil, and traces of fuel and solvents to float and separate from the cleaner water which exits the tank from a low level.
Below Ground Petrol and oil interceptor

petrol and oil


  • Manufactured from Polypropylene materials, this petrol and oil interceptor tank is suitable for below-ground installations
  • The petrol and oil interceptor tank must be surrounded with 100mm thick concrete walls and base
  • Inlet, Outlet and Vent are 100mm nb.– plain pipe
  • Access covers (supplied separately) capable of being removed by one man should be fitted on top.
  • Petrol and oil interceptor tank dimensions and pipework positions are nominal and in all cases conform to Trade Waste recommendations
  • When space limitations dictate, equivalent capacity tanks can be manufactured to order


  • Petrol and Oil Interceptor Below Ground Installation.
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