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Grease trap Triple interceptor Trade waste tank
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Pump Tank
Required where waste water must be pumped to sewer or to an elevated level.
Pump tanks may include features such as quick-release camlock connectors, non-return valves, high-level alarms and a pre-wired control station junction box. Pipe arrangement and pump selection would be made according to the particular application or duty specified.
 Above or Below Ground

pump tank


  • Manufactured from 6mm Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), or Polypropylene (PP), this tank is suitable for above or below-ground installations
  • Above-ground tanks are fitted with a circular access cover
  • Tank dimensions and pipework positions are nominal
  • When space limitations dictate, equivalent capacity tanks can be manufactured to order
  • Tank can be supplied with submersible pump suitable for a variety of waste applications
  • Note: Pumps supplied separately


  • Pump tank.
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