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Acid neutralising tank.
Cooling & Straining tank.
Food & Oil interceptor.
Grease trap.

Mixing tank.
Paint settling tank.
Petrol & Oil interceptor.

Plastic tank gallery.
Pump tank.

Settling tank.
Solvent & Oil interceptor.
Trade waste tank.
Triple interceptor.

Silt pit.
Silt trap.

Grease trap Triple interceptor Trade waste tank
Settling tank Silt pit Settling tank
Small grease trap Oil interceptor Cooling and straining tank
Slit Trap Mixing Tank Above Ground Acid neutralising tank
Silt Trap
Placed in the floor of a wash-down area.
For the collection of silt and other solid matter that may be flushed from a wash-down area.
This pit has a removable grate and straining bucket.
 Below Ground

Slit Trap


  • Manufactured from PVC
  • Removable bucket with perforated body
    and lifting handle
  • Grate is perforated with M10 holes


  • Silt trap
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